WALKARTROAD MONDAY: Point of View Series; the panelists and their viewpoint, a note as a guide.

Point of View Series: The panelists and their Viewpoint, a note as a guide.

The second part of Point of View, the fourth edition held in theatre auditorium of Alliance Francaise lived up to expectation as the panelists gave the audience a no holds barred submission about the reality that stare at us.

Point of View Series entitled Art as a Driver for Environmental Sustainability had three panelists for the second session in the evening. Dr Andrew S Nevin, Advisory Partner and Chief Economist PwC West Africa, Professor Toyin Adejonwo -Osho from the Faculty of Law, University of Lagos and Sean Melbourne, Head of Climate Change and Energy, West Africa, British High Commission Abuja formed the team of panelists that was moderated by Tunde Arogunmati.

From various submission on the topic; How Can Research, Data Gathering and Education Make a Difference in saving our planet? Andrew Nevin reinstated the importance of focusing on Sustainable Development Goals. The importance of poverty eradication, health for all as a vision to be actualized. He maintained that today, income generation, investment and capital building from the global venture capitalists are centered on how much work is put in place to achieve SDGs. However, Andrew also threw a dart on Africa’s population problem as a major obstacle to deal with in order to save the earth.

Professor Toyin Osho, had earlier set the ball rolling by distributing questionnaire to the audience through her local initiative; The 20 Degrees and Below Center for Climate Change and Sustainable Development. She said several other jurisdictions in Africa and Europe have used arts and culture as an essential tool in generating environmental engagement while supporting other interconnected policy agenda such as Urban Planning, Social Inclusion and health.

Words /Ireho Aito /images /BEF


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